Certified Detailer One Day Intensive Program

The International Detailing Association is hosting intensive one-day Certification Seminars. Trainers can offer both Phase I (CD) and Phase II (CD-SV)  training at these events.

Phase I certification evaluates and affirms an experienced detailer’s technical knowledge and proficiency. Successful completion of the ten written exams, will grant the detailer the title of IDA Certified Detailer (CD). 

Phase II consists of a hands-on assessments that awards the detailer a title of IDA Certified Detailer, Skills Validated (CD-SV).


Current Schedule of Events

CD Exams at Big Man Washes

Phase I Event
3421 S. Briery Rd
Irving, TX 75060
Monday, April 24, 2017
9am - 4pm
Lunch/Refreshments Provided

Sign-up here! 
Or contact Rick Gary of Big Man Washes at: 



CD Exams at Detail Supply Plaza

Phase I Event
127 S Vinewood Street
Escondido, CA
Thursday, May 4, 2017
4pm - 8pm
Lunch/Refreshments Provided

Sign-up here! 
Or contact Paul Weidler, CD-SV, RT of Detail Supply Plaza at: 



CD Exams and Skills-Validated Testing at Optimum Polymer Technologies

Phase I & II Events
4130 Senator St
Memphis, TN 38118
Saturday, May 20 and Sunday, May 21, 2017
8am - 4pm
Lunch/Refreshments Provided

Contact Shay Bader Wallace or Yvan Lacriox of OPT at:


CD Exams at Monster Detailing

Phase I Event
Pasaje Americo Vespucio Norte 2650
Vitacura, Santiago, RM
02650, Chile
Sunday, May 4, 2017
Lunch/Refreshments Provided

Contact Alan La Bergere, CD-SV, RT of Monster Detailing at: 


How do I sign up?

Click the link of each individual event or contact the hose indicated above. You may also call the IDA office at (651)925-5526 to make your reservation and furnish your credit card information.

Why do it?

The IDA Certified Detailer designation is a great achievement and demonstrates a basic mastery of the knowledge and applied skills needed to be an accomplished detailing professional.

What does the program include?

The content of the day depends on whether the registrant is completing Phase I, II or both.

Phase I consists of an intensive one day course covering all aspects of detailing. At the conclusion of this course you will be required to take 10 exams, 10-20 questions each, covering these subject areas: Equipment, Chemicals, Glass, Interior Detailing, Leather, Paint Correction & Protection, Wheels & Tires, Prep Wash/Wash Bay, Detailing Terminology, Safety & Compliance. To become a “Certified Detailer” a passing grade of 80% is required. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and skills to be a “Certified Detailer”.

Phase II consists of a hands-on assessment under the supervision of an IDA Recognized Trainer.

General Program Costs:

Phase I event pricing:
Members -  $200
Non-Members - $400 (includes IDA membership)

Phase II event pricing:
Members -  $200
Non-Members - $400 (includes IDA membership)

Complete CD in One Day Event (Phase I & Phase II) pricing:
Members - $350
Non-Members - $700 (includes IDA membership)

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