The IDA Launches the Certified Detailer Program.

The International Detailing Association (IDA) is proud to launch the Certified Detailer Program beginning June 1, 2011.

The Certified Detailer Program is a culmination of the cooperative effort of industry leaders specializing in the detailing industry.  The multi phased program evaluates and develops a detailer’s technical knowledge and proficiency.  The completion of the first phase, consisting of ten written exams, will grant the detailer with the title of IDA Certified Detailer (IDA-CD).  The completion of the second phase, consisting of written exams and hands on assessment, will award the detailer a title of IDA Master Detailer (IDA-MD).

IDA President Keith Duplessie is quoted as saying, “The Certified Detailer Program is the first, independent program of its kind. It is a cooperative effort led by industry leading manufacturers and professionals. And unlike many other programs, it is process specific not product specific.”

The Certification Program is available to IDA members and non-members alike.  The pricing for the Phase One exams are: Members - $25 per exam or $200 for all ten when prepaid and Non-members - $45 per exam or $400 for all when prepaid.

The International Detailing Association mission is to facilitate dialogue among all industry professionals in order to encourage a united purpose of establishing a common definition and excellence standards for “professional detailing”, and to disseminate these ideals through leadership, educational, and certification programs that help to increase the professionalism and success of industry operators, while increasing the awareness and satisfaction of industry consumers.

Certified Detailer Testimonial,


"That was a great series of tests. It was a challenge. Often I didn’t know the correct answer right away but had to eliminate the ones I thought were wrong first (thank goodness it was multiple choice). The test was also educational, I learned a lot in the Safety & Compliance test.  I encourage all of you to sign-up and take the tests, it’s worth the cost, time and effort. I’m also encouraging my peers in the Chicago area to take the examination also. I hope you do the same.

I’m looking forward to the next level of tests. I hope to have my MD soon!"

Jim, Chicago



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